17+ Macau Unlimited Data Sim Card

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17+ Macau Unlimited Data Sim Card

HongKong & Macau The SIM Card provides 4G network mobile data service in Hong Kong and Macau 7days unlimited data usage (Once your total data usage in HK and Macau restricted"Fair Usage level"3GB, the upload/dowload speed would be restricted but not below 128kbps) Customers also viewed these products Google Fi SIM Card Kit 3,380 #1 Best Seller This data-only SIM called "online everywhere in Macau" includes mobile internet in 3G or 4G and unlimited WiFi and is directed to tourists. It's sold as a $100 (for 3 days) or $200 (for 7 days) SIM card package, with the remainder of the balance usable as voice minutes charged at $0.40 per minute. It can be activated on a 3G or a 4G prepaid card.


Hong Kong and Macau - All Cities. No cancellation. Use the cost-effective eSIM to surf the internet while traveling in Hong Kong/Macau. Alleviate SIM Card pin needle and installation trivialities with the help of eSIM. Delight in the easy-to-use design and stay connected throughout your trip. Unlimited data usage (speed reduced after 2GB/day) CTM prepaid sim card Macau for 48 MOP and its coming with 1 GB of data, calls and valid for 30 days. You can top up 100 MOP for 1 GB, 170 MOP for 2 GB and for 500 MOP 5 GB. The best option for Macau tourist sim card with CTM is for 78 MOP=$9 USD valid for 3 days and 188 MOP=$23 USD valid for 7 days.

4G Mainland China 60GB 180-Day Prepaid SIM Card. 4G 120GB 365-Day Local Data Prepaid SIM Card. $88 Local Monthly Plan Prepaid SIM. Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau 10 Days Prepaid SIM Card. Mainland China , Local and Macau 10-Day unlimited data# + 40 mins + 10SMS. Tethering is supported. Here's an overview of the plan for Macau: Unlimited data, valid for 5 days for $19 Unlimited data, valid for 7 days for $27 Unlimited data, valid for 10 days for $34 Unlimited data, valid for 15 days for $47 Unlimited data, valid for 20 days for $54 Unlimited data, valid for 30 days for $64 Unlimited data, valid for 60 days for $84

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SIM card rate to have internet in Macau. 4 GB / 12 days for €32; Data eSIM in Macau. Another option is to buy an eSIM to have internet in Macau. This digital card has several plans at affordable prices, unlimited data usage, and the possibility of keeping your current phone number. Moreover, you can buy it on the same day of your trip. Send SMS from Macau to Overseas Phone: MOP$ 1.00 ($0.13) / SMS They have another card called Online Everywhere in Macau. This is a prepaid data card that comes in two presentations. There is one that costs MOP$ 100 ($12.51) and provides you with unlimited data for 3 days.

China (including Hong Kong and Macau) SIM Card (eSIM)| 500MB/1GB/10GB/20GB High-Speed 4G Network | Unlimited Data eSIM China - All Cities 1.0 (1) No cancellation Set the novel eSIM (Embedded-SIM) easily by scanning the QRcode after booking, and access the powerful internet with no hassle. 4G 120GB 365-Day Local Data Prepaid SIM Card $88 Local Monthly Plan Prepaid SIM Mainland China-HK-Macau Prepaid SIM Card (4G) 2GB/30 Days Local Data Package* Mainland China Airtime $0.7/min up; HK Airtime 0.3/min up Data speed up to 21Mbps Applicable to handsets with Normal/Micro/Nano SIM *Subscription with stored value manually is required

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This card is data only; no voice calls or SMS,please ACTIVATE IT BY Dec31,2021,note the expiration date on the right side of card choose roaming on your mobilephone setting Greater China Data Sim Card 30 Days 12Gb Then Unlimited for China , Macau, Taiwan can f/b 2 1 offer from $18.80 The Greatest China 30-Day Data SIM 198 Amazon's Choice Get a local SIM at various airports in Indonesia before your China, Hong Kong or Macau trip. Enjoy wide network coverage in China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan with a reliable travel 4G SIM card. Get guaranteed, reliable 4G data from one of the country's popular network providers Unicom (for China) / 3HK (for Hongkong) / CTM (for Macau) / FET or.

ICC SIM Card - HK & Macau 2-28 Days Unlimited Data by International Card Center $3.90 Package Days Quantity Add to cart Share this: According to the latest laws and regulations in Hong Kong SAR, customers must complete the real-name registration of the SIM card before using in Hong Kong SAR. 2. 15GB data plan. The plan also includes a generous 15GB of data at up to 4G/5G speed. This amount of data is perfect for everyday use such as browsing the internet, checking emails, and social media. Once you've reached your 15GB data limit, your data speed will be reduced to 2G speed, but you'll still be able to use data as needed.

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Connect to the Internet in Macau at 3G / LTE speed with an international eSIM with unlimited data.Use your favorite apps to call all your friends and family, such as WhatsApp or iMessage, without restrictions.You can keep your usual local SIM card to receive SMS and important calls. This eSIM for Macau uses the Three network, the fastest in the country. Online Everywhere in Macau Prepaid Card - Best choice for tourist visiting Macau to enjoy the fun of staying online anytime - Upon card activation, you can enjoy the following: 3 days/ 7 days Unlimited Local Mobile Data Usage + Free Unlimited CTM Wi-Fi Usage Advantages:

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